Your Pace comes to your place

What a great time of year it is to be in in Sydney !

It's time to celebrate ...

  • Warm Weather 

  • School Holidays

  • Work Holidays

  • Summer Solstice

  • Christmas

  • Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

  • Hanukkah

  • New Years (and those customary resolutions)


We are offering a variety of specials to make it easy

for you and friends/family to get into a fitness lifestyle!

(Offers available to new clients within South Sydney area - Click here for specific suburbs)

  • "Buy 8, Get 2 free"

    • Great for a gift voucher to a friend or loved one.​

    • Pre-pay for 8 PT sessions, and get 2 more for free !!

    • PLUS ~ Free risk assessment and fitness test

    • (Savings = $225)

  • "Happy Days" discount

    • Great if you are taking holidays from work, or a shift worker

    • Schedule your training sessions ​between 9am and 3pm, Mon-Fri

    • (Savings = $10) each hour session

  • Host a "PT Party"

    • Great way to get a few friends together and learn how to exercise safely​

    • You choose a location convenient to you

    • Bring along a few friends (at least two)

    • Schedule an hour between 9am and 3pm, Mon-Fri

    • Your friends pay $35 each

    • You pay nothing !

    • Kids and pets are welcome

    • (Savings = $35) each hour PT Party


We can increase your health and well-being on beaches, in parks, at your place.

We are well trained, experienced, pet friendly, kid friendly, fun and yes - friendly.



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Your Pace Customer Testimonial...

I’ve been utilising Your Pace services for the last 12 months.

Your Pace had the 1st personal trainer that I have contracted who meets all requirements relative to a professional and quality experience. This includes a thorough assessment that privileges the client’s safety and goals. The service is delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner.
Unlike past experiences with personal trainers Your Pace refrains from adopting a no pain no gain mentality which can lead to injury and dread of the next session. Instead the "half glass full" demeanour and humour provide an encouraging and positive experience.
As a woman I am also grateful to Your Pace's ability to be respectful and appropriate at all times. The easygoing approach and flexibility are also greatly appreciated in the face of busy times.

Over the last 12 months I have achieved desired results which include a strengthened core and legs, I improved  my fitness and the cost, times and location are manageable with long work hours.

Your Pace is a keeper!!!!


Belinda G

Age 45

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