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Based in the Blue Mountains, YOUR PACE Personal Training is mobile and different from the typical PT in the gym which you may have experienced.

We prefer either 1-on-1 or small groups, so we can provide very tailored exercise programs to achieve your goals.

We really do want you to exercise at your pace...

  • if you are new to this exercise thing, and want to take it easy - that is okay.

  • if you have a medical condition or an injury (new or existing) we'll be sure to work around it, and help improve it if we can.   Some of our clients have arthritis, asthma, are on medication and some just have sore joints from being too overweight.   Our approach is to listen to you, leverage our experience, research your medical condition, and initially take it easy, until you are comfortable to push yourself a little bit further.

  • if you are a gym junkie, have a high level of fitness and want to take your fitness to the next level, we can cater to you also.

Your wellbeing and safety is important to us.   We also want to make the exercises fun with variety, so that you look forward to inviting us back !

At YOUR PACE, we are very flexible and want to fit into your schedule, and exercise locations that are convenient to you.  


We want to help you get fitter the way that's best for you...at YOUR PACE.

You will receive mature, professional and personable customer service

About Gavin…               (Blue Mountains areas)

·       Spent 10 years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) living in various locations across Australia;

·       Spent over another 10 years in the corporate environment in senior management;

·       Travelled extensively across Asia , and to a lesser extend USA and Europe;

·       Over the years like most of us, ranged from being sedentary and overweight to being very healthy & fit.


He now helps people help themselves by coaching them through Personal Training, whether that be at home, in a class, in the office, or in the gym.

Based in the Upper Blue Mountains region he exercises via bike riding, swimming, running, boxing classes, some weight training and the all-important stretches.


The personal drive for Gavin is to help improve peoples quality of life.

Training background is...

Cert III in Fitness

Cert IV in Fitness

Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Boxing Trainer Program

Strength & Conditioning Coach, level 1

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Your Pace Customer Testimonial...

I’ve been utilising Your Pace services for the last 12 months.

Your Pace had the 1st personal trainer that I have contracted who meets all requirements relative to a professional and quality experience. This includes a thorough assessment that privileges the client’s safety and goals. The service is delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner.
Unlike past experiences with personal trainers Your Pace refrains from adopting a no pain no gain mentality which can lead to injury and dread of the next session. Instead the "half glass full" demeanour and humour provide an encouraging and positive experience.
As a woman I am also grateful to Your Pace's ability to be respectful and appropriate at all times. The easygoing approach and flexibility are also greatly appreciated in the face of busy times.

Over the last 12 months I have achieved desired results which include a strengthened core and legs, I improved  my fitness and the cost, times and location are manageable with long work hours.

Your Pace is a keeper!!!!


Belinda G

Age 45

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